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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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The Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction for the State of Arizona and the judges hear cases which involve felony prosecutions, civil cases over $10,000, probate matters, marriage dissolutions and annulments, real property title and possession matters.

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 Formulario de Reclamación por falta del debido acceso a los de Conocimiento Limitado del Idioma Inglés

Para buscar una versión en español de los formularios para el Tribunal Superior, favor de hacer clic en el enlace que aparece a continuación que le llevará al sitio de internet del Condado de Maricopa. Siga los enlaces para bajar el formulario que desee usar. Si baja la versión del formulario para Microsoft Word, usted va a poder cambiar el encabezado para que sea “Yavapai” en lugar de “Maricopa” antes de imprimir el formulario. NÓTESE que es posible que el Condado de Yavapai no acepte todos los formularios del Condado de Maricopa. Sitio de Internet del Condado de Maricopa

La Suprema Corte de Arizona también ofrece ayuda a las personas con conocimiento limitado del inglés en Esta página ofrece información sobre los servicios para trámites en los tribunales y proporciona enlaces a los formularios traducidos al español que están disponibles para todo el estado. En esta página de internet usted va a localizar otros formularios vitales que se están traduciendo ahora al español para otros tipos de casos y será actualizada con regularidad.

AZPOINT, the Arizona Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool, has been designed to help you fill out a petition for an Order of Protection. Through an interview in AZPOINT, you can quickly and accurately fill out the forms that are needed to request an Order of Protection at an Arizona court. An Order of Protection is a court order that is issued to stop a person from committing domestic violence or from contacting other people protected by the order. The portal will also help you figure out whether you (the plaintiff) and the person from whom you are seeking protection (the defendant) have a qualifying relationship for an Order of Protection. Your information will be saved in AZPOINT for up to 90 days. At any time during this 90-day period, you may take the next step of filing your petition at an Arizona court. Until you file your petition at a court, you will be able to return to AZPOINT to update your information if necessary. You are encouraged to speak to a victim advocate before you file your petition. An advocate can help you make a safety plan and give you more information about how an Order of Protection works and how it will be served on the defendant. For more information, click here to go to AZPOINT.

News & Announcements

NEWS RELEASE: Using Face Masks in ALL Courts in Yavapai County

May 28, 2020

Using Face Masks in ALL Courts in Yavapai County 

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA – In early May, Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel issued Administrative Order 2020-75, updated and replaced by Administrative Order 2020-79, providing Arizona’s courts and the public with direction on returning to in-court operations after limited operations in response to COVID-19. The Order includes direction for in-person proceedings, empaneling juries, limiting access to courthouses and courtrooms, implementing social distancing, and using technology to continue court operations. Similar restrictions are in place in ALL courts in Yavapai County including the Superior Courts, Justice Courts and Municipal Courts.

The Honorable David L. Mackey, Presiding Judge of Yavapai County Superior Court stated, “The safety of the public as well as all our court staff in our court buildings is extremely important to all of our Judges; therefore, we ask for everyone’s cooperation as we work toward returning to full court operations.”

Beginning June 1, 2020, the public, staff, and all who enter Yavapai County Superior Courthouses, Yavapai Justice Courts and Municipal Courts buildings will need to bring and wear a protective face covering. All Judges, Justices of the Peace and Municipal Court Judges are authorized to take the steps needed locally, and consistent with health department guidelines, to ensure access to justice while reducing exposure to the spread of COVID-19. The Yavapai County Courts do not have funds to provide masks for all who enter the courts. As a result, customers may be turned away and parties who are denied entry may need to appear remotely at a court proceeding or have to make other arrangements.

As the courts in Yavapai County expand in-person business, staff and the public will be required to wear personal protective equipment in certain situations and the court will require screening for illness with some courts conducting temperature screening. As a matter of public safety, particularly for those with fragile medical conditions, Arizona’s courts are authorized to prohibit entry to courthouses by those who do not meet the screening requirements. When the public is not permitted to attend a public court proceeding, the court will provide a contact phone number for the Division or court conducting the proceedings for further information on how to access the proceedings, unless the proceedings are closed, meaning not open to the public.

For more information, including how to contact the Superior Court and Justice Courts in Yavapai County, please visit If you have questions about a case pending in a Municipal Court, please contact that court directly using the information provided from the court. See Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-79 at The Administrative Office of the Courts maintains a COVID-19 information page online at and in Spanish atñol, with updates posted on the Arizona Supreme Court’s social media outlets, noted below.


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