Superior Court Divisions

  • Honorable David L. Mackey
    Honorable David L. Mackey
    Judge of Division 1
    Elected 2002

  • Honorable Jennifer B. Campbell
    Honorable Jennifer B. Campbell
    Judge of Division 2
    Elected 2012

  • Honorable Tina R. Ainley
    Honorable Tina R. Ainley
    Judge of Division 3
    Elected 2008

  • Honorable Patricia A. Trebesch
    Honorable Patricia A. Trebesch
    Judge of Division 4
    Elected 2014

  • Honorable Cele Hancock
    Honorable Cele Hancock
    Judge of Division 5
    Elected 2010

  • Honorable Anna C. Young
    Honorable Anna C. Young
    Judge of Division 6
    Elected 2012

  • Honorable Michael R. Bluff
    Honorable Michael R. Bluff
    Judge for Division 7
    Elected 2008

  • PauporeJeffreyG
    Honorable Jeffrey Paupore
    Judge Pro Tem Division A
    Appointed 2014

  • Honorable Joseph C. Butner III
    Judge Pro Tem Division B
    Appointed 2013

  • Honorable Joseph P. Goldstein
    Honorable Joseph P. Goldstein
    Family Law Commissioner
    Appointed 2011