Establish Child Support – Packet # 21

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The instructions will aid in determining which forms may be needed in your case. If you are not sure which forms to file, consult an attorney. Missing forms may result in unintended consequences, such as your case being delayed or dismissed. Hard-copy packets are available for purchase in the Self Service Centers located at the Clerk of the Superior Court and the Law Library.

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The PDF documents may be saved to your computer’s hard drive so you can complete them later. If you download and use Adobe Reader version 8 or higher, the .pdf format will save the information you have entered into the form.

Domestic Relations Cover Sheet
Confidential Sensitive Data Sheet
Request and Order for Protected Address
Instructions: Completing the Request to Establish Child Support
Request to Establish Child Support
Request for Hearing
Guidelines: Arizona Child Support Guidelines
Instructions: Completing the Parent's Worksheet
Parent's Worksheet for Child Support Amount
Instructions: Child Support Order
Child Support Order
Instructions: Income Withholding Order
Income Withholding Order
Electronic Payment Authorization
What to do